About Us

Guar Gum Processor Company

Agro Gums, located in the fast growing and prosperous city Ahmedabad in the western region of India, the city have latest infrastructural facilities, international airport, nearby major ports, transportation and many other amenities that necessitate for any growing industry. The company has tied up with major quality Guar growers all over the India, the largest grower of Guar crop in the world. The processing plant is located nearby the region produces mass quality Guar crop; the advantage factor of easily availability of quality and quantity raw materials. Before packaging and distributing, the raw material is inspected by Quality Assurance team after properly graded and processed.

More than three decades the growth of Company is increasing swiftly as a leading guar gum processor in India since 1979. Maintaining international standards of its product quality the company has made reputable position in global market. Professionally managed with qualified scientific analysts working in all divisions, the company’s Food Grade Gums, Textile Gums, and Natural Paper Gums, have acquired a clear advantage over the competition by sheer excellence of product quality, appropriateness, chemical constituency, and reliable supplies.


Agro Gums is one of the leaders in business of acquiring processing and exporter of “GUAR GUM” in India from more than three decades. Having the State-of-the-art technology for processing Guar and Cassia. Guar and Cassia or water soluble polymer with microbiological purity for export globally. Our worldwide clientele belongs to countries like USA, UK, Canada and many more. Agro Gums manufactures international standard guar gum powder for use in various industries such as food, textile, paper, explosives, pharmaceutical, animal feed, mining and many other industries. Besides Guar Gum, Cassia Powder is also supplied by Agro gums. The powder of Cassia or cinnamon is made from the seeds of cassia and cassia splits. The use of cassia powder is widely in the food industry and pet food industry as a thickener and gelling agent. In addition to this, cassia powder is also blended in with guar gum for the use in mining and other industrial application. Agro Gums is 100% export unit, as well as leading multinational companies, pharmaceutical companies, food industries, health care industries, textile, paper industry, explosive, mining, paint industries & directly exports to the more than 25 countries.

Consumer markets sustain brands that are defined and proven by the criteria of their performance, precision, delivery, and service to the customer. The Company has established its leadership by offering quality products made within an infrastructure that conforms to international standards, and by offering the most competitive prices and unmatched customer services.

Our products successfully compete in the international market with global giants by sheer virtue of quality as well as cost-effectiveness. In India our extensive and thoroughly organized marketing & distribution network spans the length and breadth of the country, with professional packaging, reliable supplies and in-time delivery continually building strong and long lasting customer relationships.


The Company maintains Quality Assurance department to ensure that the product is in conformity with CGMP (current good manufacturing procedures), SSOP (sanitary standard operation procedures) and ISO standards.

The scientific testing of random samples is being carried out at every intermediate stage of processing. Only after getting approval from Quality Assurance department the intermediate products are used for further processing and final packaging. For processing, the material is selected on the principle of first in, first out [FIFO]. The stringent care and hygienic conditions that are maintained throughout the processing period, and the fumigation (as per direction pest control of India) conducted before packing the material cannot be contaminated.

R & D

Batch-wise inspection for correctness of quality of international standards, including careful attention in formulation and product innovation, form an important phase of our R & D exercise. Our fully equipped R & D department analyses technical data, develop product samples, and facilitates demonstration of product application etc. Printing with dyes in various categories of thickeners on different fabrics is done as an important part of our R & D procedures.